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Wicked Tales

OVERSIZED ISSUE. WICKED TALES #1 marks the debut of independent creators Christoff RDGZ and artist Giuseppe D'Elia AND THEIR IMPRINT Watch Out! Studio, presenting three tales of terror on which talks about the inevitability of fulfilling certain demonic contracts, how an obscure Jazz trumpeter set his mysterious latest performance, and witnessing a gambler with some magical help pushes his luck too far, plus a flash fiction. In the same vein as Tales From The Crypt, the tandem has reunited in this small anthology a bit of intriguing and a bit of horror in equal doses revolving around the supernatural.

Written by: Christoff Rodríguez 

Illustrated by: Giuseppe D’Elia

Details: One Shot


Issue 1 A


Issue 1 D


Issue 1 B


Issue 1 E


Issue 1 C


Issue 1 F

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