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From the creator of Violet Descends, Grit N Gears & Gunbreed comes Canonical

The Last holy man makes his stand in a world that’s gone to hell..

Father Anselmo Duarte is one of the few remaining exorcists on Earth. He fights monsters, witches, and demons every single day. He also claims to be stalked by the seven archangels. Are they real or is he just becoming batshit crazy in his old age? He doesn’t have time to find out as all the babies on the entire planet are born dead in a period of 24 hours. With no trace of half a billion infant souls, it’s up to Anselmo to save them…Unless everything is just happening in his head and he just needs to retire to wherever priests go when they grow too old.

Written by: Angel Fuentes

Illustrated by: Nahuel SB

Details: 6 Issue, Bi-Monthly  Series 


Issue 1


Issue 1 B


Issue 1 C


Issue 1 - Wraparound Foil

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