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Have a project?

At Blood Moon Comics, we are always looking for creative partners with great stories to publish. While we can’t promise we will accept your proposal, we are always excited to review new material. Bear in mind, we must be selective regarding the partners with whom we work. Even if your material is out of this world, we might not be able to take it on due to capacity limitations or our current product mix. Regardless, thank you for introducing you and your work to us.



Please be sure to follow ALL INSTRUCTIONS as you proceed. We will not respond to incomplete submissions. Our assumptions:

  • We only publish new original work concerning original characters and stories. We do not accept derivative works, even involving our own characters and storylines. 

  • You must have your creative team lined up prior to submission. We do not accept partial submissions; writing samples are not enough. Also, we expect your team will stick together, as presented. Substitutions should be minimal, if any, in order to maintain consistency with your series.

  • We do not pay per-page rates or creative fees. You should already have this figured out with your team. We will have your books printed and distributed widely, to as many shops as possible, and through as many sites as possible. We only make money by selling your work into the marketplace and we share a significant portion of those royalties with you. Again, you decide how your creative team is compensated.

  • We reserve the right to recommend changes to your proposed work prior to publication. Bear in mind, we will only proceed if both sides agree.

  • Please allow us up to ninety days to respond to your submission. We have a small staff dedicated to producing and selling our products. Only a portion of their time is available for reviewing proposals. Frequent interruptions will not be looked upon kindly. However, if you do not hear from us in the allotted timeframe, feel free to reach out. We want to give you feedback one way or another.



  • Please introduce yourself and your team via a COVER LETTER to include brief resumes of your team, prior publications (if any – none required), and your goals. Do not forget to include contact information including email addresses and phone numbers.

  • Regarding your book or series proposal, provide an ELEVATOR PITCH or LOGLINE as an opener. This is your hook and needs to catch our attention. Example: Two movie stars who do not like each other are making a love scene for an upcoming film when the zombie apocalypse breaks-out and they must collaborate to survive against all odds. 

  • Next, give us the STORY ARC for the entire series, ideally in a page or two. Be sure to describe the setting, characters, and plot(s). It’s OK to tell us your ending – we need to know the spoilers!

  • Think about your marketing. Tells us in a page or two about COMPARABLE TITLES – other comics on the market to which your work is most similar. Include who your target market might be. 

  • Include at least SIX FINISHED PAGES – drawn, colored, lettered – ready to go.  If you have more, no problem! Send them along too. We need to see you can deliver quality.

  • Include a proposed COVER for one of the books in the series. As you know, covers need to be impactful. Everyone judges a comic by its cover!

  • Include all of this in a SINGLE PDF PACKAGE --- not separate files in different formats. 

  • Send all files or a link to access them to:


We sincerely appreciate the time and effort you have taken to propose your material to us. We look forward to working with you, provided you make the cut! Best wishes and good luck!

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