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What does the Harvey, Russ Manning & Eisner Award have in common?

PAKKINS' LAND #1 25th ANNIVERSARY by Gary Shipman

Back in October 1996 the first issue of Pakkins' Land was published by Caliber Comics. This began the series on a journey that would span a quarter of a century and would go on to gain the accolades of the comic book industry, including 1997 Harvey Award Nominee in the category of Best New Talent. 1997 Russ Manning Award Nominee for Most Promising Newcomer. 1998 Eisner Award Nominee in the category of Talent Deserving Of Wider Recognition.

To commemorate 25 year we are offer a full color issue #1 of Pakkins' Land with a new wraparound cover featuring Paul and his friends.

A series of strange events brings our hero, Paul, to a fantastic world called Pakkins' Land. There he meets a mysterious giant Eagle of light who gives Paul a feather as a token of friendship. At the touch of the feather Paul feels something magical, and as the Eagle mysteriously vanishes, Paul realizes that he is lost in this new world. Soon Paul is befriended by a pair of talking animals, who set off together to find the lost King Aryah, and to try to return Paul to his home.

FC, 32pg, $4.99 November 2022

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