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Titan Mouse of Might

Perfect for fans of Twig, Bone & Great Feeling Stories.

Gary Shipman, Harvey Award Nominee in the category of Best New Talent, Russ Manning Award Nominee for Most Promising Newcomer, and Eisner Award Nominee in the category of Talent Deserving Of Wider Recognition, comes Titan Mouse of Might.


Titan is an extraordinary mouse that has been endowed with powers beyond that of a normal mouse. He has taken on the appearance of a Dark Flyer, the mortal enemy of his kind. Titan is originally from another world were the animals are intelligent (see the Pakkins' Land). After triggering an explosion in his world Titan is transported to the world of man. Issue One: Titan sets out on a rescue mission to save another of his kind from the evil Ryan Research Center (RRC).

Written by: Gary Shipman

Illustrated by: Gary Shipman

Details: Limited Series

TitanCover-Issue-01B Coming Soon.jpg

Issue 1


Issue 2


Issue 3


Issue 4

TitanCover-Issue-05 BloodMoon.jpg

Issue 5

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