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It's the end of the world and you can blame Violet for it!


Seven archangels guide the fate of humanity: the angels of life, death, miracles, nature, technology, freedom, and emotions. When the angel Violet abandons her sacred duties as shepherd of humanity's emotions, the world is suddenly thrown into a hellish apocalypse event.


Violet is punished for her actions and bonded to a human named Ruth who helps her uncover a demonic plot to bring upon the end of the world. One by one, the seven archangels fall prey to attacks from the Deadly Seven, a group of powerful arch-demons that personify each of the seven deadly sins.


With the impending destruction of humanity growing near, Violet and her human friend are tested as they must rely solely on one another to rescue the rest of the archangels while uncovering a secret conspiracy that dates all the way back to the very beginnings of Earth’s creation.

Violet Descends #1 ~ ebook

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