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Here is a raw page from Ice Canyon Monster penciler Jonnuel Ortega. This fast moving monster book is based off of Greenlandic culture. Get on your dry suit and descend into the frigid waters!

It follows a curse that's dropped into the waters surrounding Akutak's (Shaman) native land in order to protect it.

To give this page perspective, in the very first panel, the Shaman's octopus has hunted down a whale (and that ain't no baby whale).

Now, if we shift our attention to the bottom panel, that there is a Killer Whale Gurry Shark sent by another Shaman to rid the waters of the octopus.

Wait a second. Magic without fancy orbs and lights? Yes! This is exactly the way Greenlandic Shaman's battle. But, if your conjured beast dies, there is a heavy price to pay: your life. The worst part? You can't tell anyone what you've done.

Oh, this gets good.

What we see here is the Shaman Akutak morphing into the tupilaq octopus he created. This is the cover for issue 3. Pre order your copies today! Things from another World, Midtown Comics, Modern Age Reader and of course, the Blood Moon Shop!

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