Congratulations on stumbling on a VERY early release that has ONE ad in place to bring you here, ahead of everyone else. Don't let this opportunity pass you by . . . BIG things are coming and this is just the beginning.


Blood Moon Comics first release featuring Peach Momoko and this stunning minimal trade dress variant (1,500 copies worlwide)! Minimal trade dress.


Back in the 1970s, a series of bizarre incidents occurred at what has since been known as "The Devil Tree." Beneath this ancient denizen, evil was wrought by a sick serial killer, calling upon forces most evil and dark. People were hung there ... and bodies buried there ... exhumed by the police. Overcome by superstition, some tried to cut down the tree, to no avail. Since then, it has stood in a remote section of a local park --- left to its own devices --- quiet in its eerie repose . . . 


Available to ship in early July 2021.

Peach Momoko Minimal Trade Dress - The Devil Tree

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