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White River Monster #1!


On January 19th, 2022, White River Monster #1 is releasing! Don't miss this cryptid drippy fun series that will leave you wanting more. For fans of #Alien #predator anything #monster and of course, #cthulhu

Please, pre order your copies at your LCS to ensure you secure your copy. If you have a hard time getting your copies, please visit the Blood Moon Shop!

ABOUT: The White River Monster has eluded people for over a century. Manhunts were brought to a fever pitch in Newport, Arkansas, where people descended on the small town, determined to prove the existence of the river monster.

But, it went unfounded.

For years, sightings were reported up and down the White River, but no physical evidence ever came forth. Soon the monster faded into obscurity and was dismissed as a legend never to be solved ... that is until now!

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