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"This book easily stands tall with any horror title on the shelves today." ~ Comic Watch

Review by Mike Eakins (April 9th, 2022)

Recap Welcome to the in-between. Now get comfortable and meet your host, death incarnate.

Review Hell on earth is a scary thought. Even if you are not a believer, the mere thought of a bringer of death roaming and ruling the earth should send chills to your bones. If that is what writer Keith Rommel intended, he accomplished that very feat.

The narration starts off with questioning the human spirit and what we consider good and evil. At the same time, question why we take life for granted. That is until we are faced with the bringer of death. The narration sets the story up to introduce us to Collier and Will. Polar opposites but as close as any set of brothers could be. You get a sense of Collier, the less successful by today’s means, if more comfortable with his current position in life, albeit with a few bumps here and there. On the other hand, Will questions a little more, but not when it comes to his faith, which gets interesting.

I don’t like spoilers, so I don’t want to get too deep into what happens, but I do want to talk about how Keith takes us on a trip that pays the ultimate respect to the likes of Romero and Hooper. With Usher of the Dead, there is no shortage of dread of what awaits from panel to panel. This book easily stands tall with any horror title on the shelves today. As I’ve said many times in my horror reviews, the titles that hit psychologically are the scariest. Usher of the Dead is fun, frightening, and leaves you wanting more.

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