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We want to thank everyone for their support. Without you, we would not be here. With that said, I wanted to address the delays in the release of our titles.

Blood Moon Comics has leveraged a small printing company, local to Florida. They have created some dynamite books for us, trading cards and more items to be announced in the future.

The owner of the printing company (it's a small operation) has fallen ill, and because of this, the printing of books has really fallen behind. It is my personal belief that you do not abandon someone in a situation such as this. I know I have a company to run, but overcoming challenges such as this a testament to your, the printer and our resolve.

I have leveraged another printer to get us caught up. This was discussed with my current printer, and they agree they need help in getting us caught up. You will see books coming out at a more rapid pace. This will allow my local printer to continue to work while taking some of the burden off of them so they can address the health issues.

As I write this, Comic Book Trivia has been completed, and is on its way to Diamond and soon, to your local comic shop. We try to make our bagged comics higher

quality than the normal cheap polybag. We want you to see and feel the beautiful work done and we hope it comes across that way. Make sure you are on the lookout for 4 randomly inserted GOLDEN TICKETS inside Comic Trivia. These win you original art and other sweet prizes.

I want to express my appreciation to you and our creative teams as we work our way through this. We'll see you in the pages!


CEO Blood Moon Comics

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