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You can very easily have these titles reserved for you at your local comic shop simply by joining Previews Pullbox. This send an alert to your LCS that you are interested in ordering these titles, and that they reserve them for you.

Humanity has become an endangered species after nuclear war. The survival of our species rests with a group of scientists aboard a low-orbiting space station. Their solution to stabilizing their uninhabitable home has unknowingly facilitated the evolution of the insects that survived the fallout. Now the time has come for mankind to return home, but their fight for survival is just beginning.

ORDER # APR221330

Sariel is the Angel of Death. His world is dark, and his secrets are even darker.

This is the first cover work from Kool as Heck. He is the penciler on the mini series 9 Circles: A Marshal Law Story.

ORDER # APR221331

You still have time to preorder issue #3! Please follow the link below.

In this issue, we see Sariel's world expanding, introducing characters that will drive the story forward over the coming year.

For spec buyers, this is an issue to watch.

Releasing April 6th!

ORDER # MAR221482

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