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Marshal Law Title Change - Situation Fixed!

Upon submitting our titles to Previews for the May catalog that is the July releases, Blood Moon and the team for Marshal Law had to overcome a difficult situation.

There is another title with the same name that was of concern to our account manager and they requested a title change. This poses several challenges along the way. The first being is that titles, once picked up by a publisher, begins to get promoted. I can tell you that the series creator, Jaimie Engle, has done a heck of a job with promotional materials that had become, in a sense, outdated.

I can tell you as a creator, this is a tough moment. That's a lot of work gone. And there's nothing that you can do about it.

As a business owner, I understand the reasons why. Jaimie and Kool (series penciller) handled it like a pro and got to work immediately, redesigning the logo, changing the interiors that needed changing.

I'm not surprised by this because I've known both Kool and Jaimie for many, many years. We started chatting and becoming friendly as we toured comic cons. This has created a great working relationship and mutual respect all around. I say this because I'm confident that you will feel that energy and love when you read The 9 Circles: Marshal Law.

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