Howling at the Blood Moon!

On January 2, 2021, I took some few, but necessary steps to bring my vision of our very first title called The Devil Tree to comic book stores all around. I anxiously packaged a submission form and mailed it along to Previews World (the catalog that's basically the Bible in the comic book world). I filled out their questionnaire and put together the first issue (over 34 pages long!) for them to review.

I've been in the traditional publishing industry as an author since 2010. I've released 15 novels, written 5 movies and to date, 2 out of the 5 are completed (filmed, edited and ready for release) and are in various stages of the release process. My time in this industry has taught me a lot and I've met so many interesting people along the way; some I call friend until this very day.

Having been into comics since I was a young kid trying to overcome a severe reading comprehension disability, I had one day dreamed of opening a comic store. The panels of heroes overcoming impossible odds inspired me. But somewhere along the line I got the writing bug and had the pleasure of enjoying minor success in the industries as I had mentioned above.

Here I am some 15 years later (my first novel, The Cursed Man, took me 5 years to write), and I'm ready to try my hand in the comic industry. I know I can do well, if given the chance. That's my belief and my disposition. Believing in oneself is so very important, but never to the point of arrogance. Help someone when you can. The world can use a little more of that.

I'm hoping to bring my dream of Blood Moon Comics to life. Not only home to our first release, The Devil Tree, but also, finding talent within the industry to work with.

Fingers crossed, toes crossed and anything else I can cross (can't do eyes. Seriously.) At this point I'm just waiting to hear if Previews is willing to see the dark side of the Blood Moon and get this truly riveting project into your hands!

Best wishes to all in the New Year!

Keith Rommel

Blood Moon Comics CEO, writer, screenwriter, dreamer

Coming Soon!

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