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Only 50 copies printed of this hidden variant GEM!! Bottom right, the Blood Moon logo has been replaced with the cover B image! Minimal copies are available in the BMC store. Happy hunting in your comic shops!


The "Big Apple." A metropolis masked by a beautiful red veneer of good fortune. It covers the grotesque well. Secrets, deep seeded vices. An ethereal graveyard buried with the naive dreams of those who fell prey to its deception, and took a bite. Order is decomposing. Its remnants are barely visible, and the climate has become wilder. On one of the hottest days on record, a lonely man who lives a banal life contemplates in routine existential fashion. To no avail, no revolution of the mind. He is but one man, a random pawn in a game. But the game of life is a game nonetheless, with winners and losers. Little does he know, a new hand is about to be dealt. The slings and arrows of fate have pointed in his direction. Ready to strike with great fervor. And the reaper, always eager to collect. Like a thief, in the night.

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