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Blood Moon Comics February Releases!

Ask your local comic shop to order your copy or stop by The Blood Moon Shop!

February 23rd:

Ice Canyon Monster #1


The White River Monster has eluded people for over a century. Manhunts were brought to a fever pitch in Newport, Arkansas, where people were anxious to prove its existence of the river monster. But, it went unfounded. For years, sightings were reported up and down the White River, but no physical evidence ever came forth. Soon the monster faded into obscurity and was dismissed as a legend never to be solved ...

February 9th:

Devil Tree #3


Tensions increase as the evil seeping from the devil tree begins to take its hold over the people investigating the killings at the tree.

Meanwhile, the torment of the victims at the tree increase, making everyone desperate.

February 16th:

White River Monster #2


David has found irrefutable proof that the White River Monster does indeed exist. Caught on camera, this elusive monster is big and scary and has sent him running. When he made it to a neighboring house, he begins to question whether the monster is more worrisome than the people that live in the house he’s in.

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