Pencils &
Cover Art

Wolfgang Schwandt

Wolfgang Schwandt is an artist from Germany. Having worked with Keith since 2018 to get The Devil Tree completed for its eventual release in 2021, he is now focused on expanding his footprint within Blood Moon Comics by penciling the second series entitled White River Monster.

His professionalism and attention to detail from being a chef as well as an important contributor of art, Wolfgang will be wowing you for years to come!

Wolfgang is the penciller/inker and cover artist for The Devil Tree, White River Monster & Ice Canyon Monster


Writer & Letterer


Keith Rommel

Keith Rommel is a multi award winning author of 15 novels and has written 4 screenplays based off of his works. To date, two movies have been filmed and are in various stages of release.

Having struggled with a reading and learning comprehension disability and being a TBI (traumatic brain injury) survivor, Keith was turned to visual art as a young boy by a clever teacher.

His love for comics has been going strong since the late 1970's.

Sidestepping novels for a short time, Keith has decided along with Wolfgang to adapt and create one of his most popular titles, The Devil Tree, into a comic book. 


Samir Simão


Pencils &
Cover Art


Samir Simão is a professional penciller and inker from Brazil, with several years experience making comic books for companies like Mythos, Insane Comics, Killer Comics and others around the world.

Samir has provided cover work for ALL titles for Blood Moon Comics and is now pencilling the flagship ongoing title, Usher of the Dead.

Deviant Art:


Kristal Sayers



Hi, My name is Kristal Sayers and I am a competent artist bagged with 5+ years of experience in composing art. My love for art developed at a very early age when I was just a kid and used to draw stuff over a piece of paper and gladly with time my skills flourished and I decided to pursue this field professionally. I've done many high-quality considerable projects & I do all kinds of art styles. My other technical skills are Web Designing and Content Creating. I do commission-based work. 


Twitter: @KrisDesigner99

Dm me if you have queries. 

Jonnuel Ortega

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Cover Art


Jonnuel Ortega is an aspiring comic book artist who has worked with various forms of creative mediums, including photography and digital art. He has completed many kinds of commissions such as logos, comics, and fanart.


Aside from drawing, Jonnuel enjoys reading comics and manga, which greatly influenced his art.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/buraindo_art/

Mariam Yasser

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My name is Mariam Yasser. I've been a comic-book colorist for 3 years now. And five before that as a children's books digital illustrator. Most recent work is my colors on the comic The Ignis Quadrant by Evan Carothers also, The love of the game by Jared Prestwidge. I live in Egypt, born and raised!

Mariam has colored covers for The Devil Tree, White River Monster and Ice Canyon Monster.