Pencils &
Cover Art

Wolfgang Schwandt

Wolfgang Schwandt is an artist from Germany. Having worked with Keith since 2018 to get The Devil Tree completed for its eventual release in 2021, he is now focused on expanding his footprint within Blood Moon Comics by penciling the second series entitled White River Monster.

His professionalism and attention to detail from being a chef as well as an important contributor of art, Wolfgang will be wowing you for years to come!

Wolfgang is the penciller/inker and cover artist for The Devil Tree, White River Monster. Enjoy!


Writer & Letterer

Keith Rommel

Keith Rommel is a multi award winning author of 15 novels and has written 4 screenplays based off of his works. To date, two movies have been filmed and are in various stages of release.

Having struggled with a reading and learning comprehension disability and being a TBI (traumatic brain injury) survivor, Keith was turned to visual art as a young boy by a clever teacher.

His love for comics has been going strong since the late 1970's.

Sidestepping novels for a short time, Keith has decided along with Wolfgang to adapt and create one of his most popular titles, The Devil Tree, into a comic book. 


Pencils &
Cover Art

Samir Simão

Samir Simão is a professional penciller and inker from Brazil, with several years experience making comic books for companies like Mythos, Insane Comics, Killer Comics and others around the world.

Samir has provided cover work for ALL titles for Blood Moon Comics and is now pencilling the flagship ongoing title, Usher of the Dead.

Kristal Sayers



Hi, My name is Kristal Sayers and I am a competent artist bagged with 5+ years of experience in composing art. My love for art developed at a very early age when I was just a kid and used to draw stuff over a piece of paper and gladly with time my skills flourished and I decided to pursue this field professionally. I've done many high-quality considerable projects & I do all kinds of art styles. My other technical skills are Web Designing and Content Creating. I do commission-based work.


Kristal is currently coloring all pages of The Devil Tree, White River Monster and Marshal Law. 

Jonnuel Ortega

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Pencils & Cover Art

Jonnuel Ortega is an aspiring comic book artist who has worked with various forms of creative mediums, including photography and digital art. He has completed many kinds of commissions such as logos, comics, and fanart.

Jonnuel is the penciler for the monstrous Ice Canyon Monster! Wait until you see these pages!


Aside from drawing, Jonnuel enjoys reading comics and manga, which greatly influenced his art.

Maury Tanaka



Maury grew up reading comics and works as a Color Artist and Illustrator since 2013, having works published by companies in Brazil, United States and Hawaii.

Maury is currently coloring both Ice Canyon Monster and Usher of the Dead.



Pencils & Cover Art

Sketch Card illustrator - Upper Deck/Marvel Comics. Sets Participated include:

               Marvel 80th Anniversary

               Avengers: Endgame

               Avengers Infinity War

               Spider-Man Far from Home

Illustrator - KOOLasHECK HOTasHELL pinup collection

Illustrator - Folio of Fairy Tales, Fables and Freaks pinup collection

Illustrator - Pinupaday Halloween Challenge pinup collection

Illustrator/Writer - Evenfall 
Illustrator/Writer - Icarus
Illustrator/Co-Creator - The Brisingamen 

Executive Producer/Art Director/Illustrator - Alpha X
Illustrator/Writer - The Eyes Of Charon (upcoming)

Art Director/Illustrator - Four of a Kind (upcoming)

KOOLasHECK is a successful pinup artist who transitioned over to his first love, Sequential Art.

KOOL has also been creating Sketchcards as incentive inserts for Marvel Comics/Upper Deck Collector cards. His work has been collected in such high profile card sets such as Avengers Endgame, Avengers Infinity War, Marvel 80th Anniversary Set, Spider-Man:Far from Home and many others.

KOOL (his nickname since Childhood) is a founding member of the Twin Cities Comic Collective (TC3), a group of like minded comics professionals actively collaborating and creating together based in the greater Minneapolis area. They are currently commissioned for many high profile projects, the most recent being asked to create poster designs for the Dangerous Man Brewing Company and the 10,000 Laughs Comedy festival.


KOOL is currently writing and illustrating EVENFALL, an experience that ties together horror, crime, sorcery and the overwhelming scary trend of technology dependency. 


He is also worked on THE BRISINGAMEN with fellow TC3 member, writer Lucas Munson.


KOOL was one of the executive producers on the Sci-Fi Pulp adventure , ALPHA X, provide the breakdowns for every page as well as the overall art direction.


KOOL is very excited to team with Jaimie Engle on Marshal Law, Supernatural Western Thriller  for BloodMoon Comics. 

Jorge Hov



Born in Burgos, Spain, Jorge Hov began his professional career in comics as a colorist in 2020. His credits include the comics 1936: Sin novedad en el Alcazar and Los ultimos de Filipinas.


His coloring on Endangered is his first work outside his native Spain.

Jamie Engle



Jaimie Engle is an award-winning writer of features and television about duality and shifting perspectives. She has published 12 books, although Marshal Law is her first comic book. Her legal representation is Daren Chavez of Tricarico Chavez, LLP.  Besides writing, Jaimie speaks to writers, attends cons, and watches Satellite Beach football. Fun fact? Jaimie was an alien on Seaquest.



On the Red List Top 20 (2021) - #15 in Westerns & #6 in Western Pilots 1-Hour 

Official Selection (2021) – GIL International Screenwriting Awards

Amazon #1 New Release (2017) – Short Story in The Toilet Papers

Jaimie is the writer/creator of Marshal Law, coming July 2022!

Anna Hoffpauir Sites



Based out of Beaumont, Texas, Anna Hoffpauir Sites has been cleaning up Jon’s prose for over a decade. As a freelance editor, and writer, she has worked on and created projects in several mediums including novels, screenplays, comic books, short stories, blogs, newsletters & web content, of both the fiction and non-fiction varieties. She was a board member and senior editor for the not-for-profit maternal resources organization Whole Mothering Center for four years.

Anna is editing Endangered. 

Jon McCarthy



Writer/creator Jon McCarthy’s first creative foray into comics was in 2009 when he wrote, co-created, and self-published the zombie comic, Hungry for Stink, that sold tens of tens of copies worldwide. He then self-published the 2012 children’s book, Goodbye Bad Dreams.  In 2015, Pelican/Arcadia Publishing signed him to a publishing deal for his book, Hard Roll: A Paramedic’s Perspective of Life and Death in New Orleans, which remains available in print, digital, and audio formats with a 5-star rating on Amazon. Endangered signifies his return to comic book medium where his heart truly resides. A lifelong comic book lover/collector, U.S. Coast Guard vet, and paramedic since 1997, Jon lives in New Orleans with his wife, two sons, and an army of weenie dogs and cats.

Jon is super excited to show what his team is doing in the pages of Endangered. 

Ron Joseph



Helen Hull-Sanders

Dr. Helen Hull-Sanders is a New Orleans girl living in Virginia. She has degrees in zoology, biology, and earned her PhD in entomology from Auburn University. She is a plant-insect interaction ecologist with publications on the evolution of invasive species.


Basically, Helen is a bad ass, bug-chasing scientist who provides the science behind the fiction in, Endangered.


Pencils & Inks

Daniel Page

Ron Joseph is a Virginia-based freelance artist whose past credits include IDW's GI JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO, REVOLUTIONARIES, MICRONAUTS: WRATH OF KARZA, REVOLUTION: ROM and Nicholas Meyer’s THE SEVEN-PER-CENT SOLUTION; a five issue mini-series by writers Scott and David Tipton, adapted from the novel of the same name. He has also done character designs and artwork for two RPGs; Monkeyfun Studios' Spirit of '77 and Sentient Cow Games' SECRET UNKNOWN STUFF: ESCAPE FROM DULCE series. ​

Ron is providing pencils & inks for Endangered.


Cover Artist & Editor

Daniel Page is a little known American artist located in West Tennessee.  Raised in a rural community known as “Blood River Bottom” circa 1981.  From an early age he demonstrated an innate artistic talent.  Many of his school teachers, family, and friends have helped nurture his creative passion over the years.  In 1995 he received the Buchanan Middle School “Outstanding Contribution in Art” award.  Inspired by many of the top comic book artists of the 80’s & 90’s, he went on to study art at Henry Co. High excelling in Art I,II, & III as well as C.A.D. design in Drafting I & II.  In 1999 he was voted “Most Talented” senior superlative.

    In 2000, he moved to Paris, TN where he studied guitar theory under the late (artist & musician) Stephen Grimstead, also touching on charcoal realism, surrealism, portraiture, abstract digital art, and the recording arts.  In 2006, Page was offered a watch & jewelry repair apprenticeship.  While showing his exceptional hand eye coordination, he went on to become certified in advanced stone setting & standard jewelry repair.  In 2016 he started “PageArtworks'' to provide commissioned graphic design images to individual customers and businesses.  In addition, he continues to work on private commissions and cover art for various authors.  

Daniel Page is the Cover Artist & Editor for Sulfur Wells.


Bruno Hang

Bruno has colored titles for Marvel, DC, Dynamite, IDW and many others. Some of his favorite characters he has worked on are Spider-Girl, Nova, Red Sonja, Wonder Woman and Superman.


Bruno is currently managing his advertising company and coloring Sulfur Wells

Sara 1.jpg



Letterer/Graphic Designer


Sara Stella Scalia

Sara was born in Palermo, Italy. Like many people who create comics, she was born with love for drawing. Sara grew up reading her father’s comic book collection that fueled her passion for art and literature.

Upon graduation from high school Sara enrolled in the "Scuola del Fumetto di Palermo- Grafimated Cartoon". After graduation in 2020 she has worked on Sulfur Wells and projects for Kingstone and Voyage Comics.

Sara also provides her amazing pencils for Leviathan Labs ( Doomsday Machine The Magazine) in the Italian market and Butxido Agency for the American market. In the Italian and French market she is currently working with Fabio Izzo, writer of the Strega Award (To Jest), creator and screenwriter of "Killing the Second Dog" published by Oblomov Edizioni in Italy and Ici même in France.

Sara is providing pencils for Sulfur Wells.

Garrett Berner

Garrett Berner’s design career has spanned the gamut of media industries. Publishing, print design, packaging, website design, and UX development have been his primary platforms. In addition to his vocation in design, Garrett brought his expertise in fine art and commercial art to students at the collegiate level utilizing both traditional and digital media. Garrett holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education.


Garrett is the author of the creator-owned digital comic series, Yarns of the Frisky Filly. He also co-created the Eisner-Nominated series, Lost Stories, where he earned a nomination for the Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award. When he isn't obsessing over comics, storytelling, and music, Garrett enjoys time with his wife, Christina, and two children in New York.