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Perfect for fans of Spawn, Batman & Strong Female Leads

Introducing Laura Lenox, LadyDarke! LadyDarke is a new supernatural superhero comic book for the 21st century. It’s Spawn meets Ultimate Spider-Man with a high-octane energy and balance of family drama, gothic tension, and superhero action.


An international hit on Kickstarter, LadyDarke is the next great indie comic book sensation! Created by Erik Radvon and brought to the page by a global team of top comic industry talent. It all begins here in LadyDarke #1! Featuring an all-new cover by superstar artist Samir Simao and special variant by TBA.

Written by: Erik Radvon

Illustrated by: Samir Simao

Details: 5 issue Limited Series


Issue 1


Issue 1 cover B


Issue 1 cover C

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