Grit N Gears

Perfect for fans of Twig, Bone & Great Feeling Stories.

The wonders of steampunk technology have reached the old west! It is 1879 and the world is about to meet Ranger ONE, the first self-aware automaton programmed to eradicate crime in the town of Steam's Eddy. But what happened in the next few years that made the federal government ban the existence of self-aware automatons? And whatever happened to the hero Ranger ONE?


There are whispers of a grifter automaton named Screw Driver who’s saving humans and automatons alike. He’s a machine wanted by the law... functional or dismantled. 

Written by: Angel Fuentes

Illustrated by: Nahuel SB

Details: 7 issue series, 1 Variant per issue


Issue 1


Issue 2


Issue 1 Cover B

Grit-N-Gears_cvr-2_B copy.jpg

Issue 2 Cover B