Blood Moon is starting off with a bang by releasing their first title THE DEVIL TREE !
With the celebration of our very first release you will find two limited edition special variant covers by Peach Momoko! More information as we near the date of our first release.
In the meantime, have a look at the striking cover art to issues 1 & 2 by Wolfgang Schwandt
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Based on true events

Back in the 1970s, a series of bizarre incidents occurred at what has since been known as "The Devil Tree." Beneath this ancient denizen, evil was wrought by a sick serial killer, calling upon forces most evil and dark. People were hung there, and bodies buried there--in time to be discovered by local authorities .


Overcome by superstition, some tried to cut down the tree, to no avail. Since then, it has stood in a remote section of a local park --- left to its own devices --- quiet in its eerie repose -- until now!


Best-selling psychological-thriller author and screenwriter Keith Rommel has scripted The Devil Tree and teamed with artist Wolfgang Schwandt to bring the tale to life.

About the Creators

Keith Rommel

Wolfgang Schwandt



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